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Fax Advertising – A Different Approach to Standard Advertising

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We’ll be straight with you, when the word “fax” is brought up, some cannot help but to wonder if people still use such machinery. Well now, to your surprise, you will notice that in a world ruled by technology, smartphones and social media, the fax machines still work and generate lots of profit for companies all around the world, as fax advertising is an easy way that deliver results in less than 48 hours after its implementation!

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Why would you go for a fax advertising campaign when there are tons of modern methods out there?

We have a set of clues for you right here:

Fax marketing can boast of a very high viewing percentage. The ads in print land straight on the client’s desk and are almost impossible to ignore. Here comes the element of curiosity – most people will read the fax before throwing it away. So, the more attractive your ad is, the sooner your results will show.

Fax marketing is flexible and you can use it to broadcast a wide range of offers and announcements, strengthening the branding process. Just let you imagination play its role!

Think it’s obsolete? So does your competition and that’s why they don’t use it and would rather focus on new technologies! All the more reason to trust the good old fax to attract new customers!

Fax advertising has been used long before the emailing, but thanks to the development of new technologies, it stopped being used at a large scale. However, you know what they say: “Oldies but goldies”! So have some faith in it, and it will surely pay off!

Now that we are clear on why you should use the fax as an advertisement method, let’s pin down the how part.

best practices

Fax Marketing – what should an efficient offer contain?

Let’s get down to business now. You should know that you can advertise through the fax, even if you don’t own a fax machine. Current technology will allow you to externalise this service, but before resorting to this method, you have to be very careful with the content you broadcast.

To keep your audience interested, you need to know first what you can send and how you can send it. As to what, we’d like to point out that you can send: flyers with special offers, a list of products, presentation letters, notices about product releases, invitations and many more. You’re only limited by your own imagination!

Deciding what to send is the easy part, so here comes the tricky one. The content you want to send represents your company so it better be as neat and professional as possible.

Luckily, the tips on how to build your fax ads are on us:

Contact details and the company name and logo should not be missing from the content. Let you audience get in touch with you easily!

Keep the message short and concise! No one has the time to read pages and pages of information.

Use keywords that will close the deal for you and call to action such as “new product”, “call now”, “order now”, “limited offer” and so on.

fax design

Of course we have our share of “don’ts”:

  • There is such a thing as too much information. Don’t overdo it with the text as it might overwhelm the readers, leading them into losing interest.
  • Too many images or heavy coloured graphics might serve as a distraction from your message.
  • Skip the intention letters at the beginning of your content.  Your reader might lose interest when finding out they’re holding an ad.
  • You might want to refrain from sending more than one fax a month to the same client. Nobody enjoys excessive paper consumption or being interrupted often from their daily activity.  This might affect your company’s reputation.
  • Keep it simple. Using strange or special fonts will not do you any favours but might hinder the reading. A concise and well-structured message, accompanied by well outlined key issues is the key to your accomplishment.

If you do everything the right way, you’ll be pleased to see the expected results and you’ll be one step ahead of your competition by instantly reaching your target audience.