Why Start with Fax?

fax broadcasting

Whether you are a start-up, a young business or a giant of your market share, fax is a great medium to send out not only your business communications (sending updates to customers) through, but your B2B promotional materials as well. You catch the attention of the recipients and encourage them to call, fax, email for more information or even take a look at your website.

Stop wasting time and start making money! Fax is a great way to inform your customers of stock clearings and empty your warehouse in no time (send out special promotions and discount campaigns).

fax machine

Besides images, you can also include coupons and many other materials that will increase customer interaction with your company and increase your sales even further. All you have to do is be creative and practical (include an enticing deal and useful information on how to benefit from that deal).

Why start with fax? Why not just send email campaigns and be done with it? The catch here is that fax is still a very important medium because of 4 issues:

  1. Some businesses have not yet adapted to the modern business way in what advertising mediums are concerned, but we are sure we can reach all businesses through fax. Why? That brings us to number 2.
  2. All businesses have a fax machine for essential documents that need to be sent for company administration and efficient functioning. This necessity guarantees a trustworthy image in regard to faxes and the reach is amazing. People read every fax!
  3. Some companies can only be reached through fax, and so, a new market niche is uncovered, just waiting to hear about your offers.
  4. You can also use fax broadcasting as a complementary method to form a complete marketing circle and make sure you are getting the best your of your marketing budget.


Faxpedia broadcasting is:

  • Fast: You can schedule the fax marketing campaign to start sending at any time you deem convenient for your marketing to reach your prospective customers for a maximum persuasion effect. The transmission is a fast one thanks to our own sending platforms and lines.
  • Affordable: Fax marketing has a higher read rate and a lower total cost than traditional direct marketing campaign, because in the latter, there are additional costs for preparing, printing, storage and postage. Your fax marketing campaign provides a good ROI as a result of it being sent to target segments, from our full grown database.
  • Qualitative: The campaign template will be created with the help of our marketing specialists that are highly experienced and know what has been effective in the past.

At the end of the campaign a transmission report is issued, to help you calculate your results. These results are highly dependable on the relevance of the offer you are promoting; this offer must be competitive on the market (stock clearings, discounts).

After you have applied fax marketing you can apply email marketing or other more expensive online marketing and advertising methods, knowing that your prospect customers are responsive. Lower risks all around!


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Alexandra Rogin is an inbound marketer who loves all things marketing and technology. She is the Faxpedia copywriter, informing you about new, exciting and useful discoveries, on how to improve your online marketing.

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