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Fax broadcasting software – what is the best choice?

fax broadcasting software

It is a known fact that fax is still alive thanks to the fact that many businesses still send their most important documents via fax machine. They have a fax machine? They pay attention to documents that arrive via this medium? Great. Then we are going to send them our most special offer. Most important things to consider:

  1. Choose the list of businesses that would best profit from your offer.
  2. Don’t flood your receiver list with weekly and monthly offers because they will start throwing faxes that come from you directly into the trash can. In order to have results you have to use this medium in low seasons and to empty your stocks if you have overstocked.
  3. Choose a good fax broadcasting service that will ensure your fax reaches the intended recipient in the right time.

Besides competitive rates with Faxpedia fax broadcasting offers you get a dedicated customer advisor that will be there for you every step of the way. You call the shots and we do the work. Your offer gets written, your fax created and uploaded into the software for wide range broadcasting. Fax marketing software is a high impact tool if used right and that’s why our support team is always at your disposal.

fax marketing software

Why use it:

  • Simple and easy
  • Cost effective
  • Own fax specific network to deliver most reliable
  • Dedicated campaign consultant
  • Risk free, lets you test the broadcasting features
  • Fax marketing is a great way to connect with other businesses

One important thing about fax marketing is that when your offer hits their desk, your fellow business owners will make a fast decision whether to take you up on your offer or not. If your offer is good offer a great deal, you will have a number of interested clients that will not only want to purchase but will surely come to you again if they are satisfied with the products.

After you send your fax marketing campaigns don’t forget to check out the reports to make sure your fax offer was successfully delivered to your potential clients. By reviewing real-time reports you can adapt and send your next fax marketing campaign at the perfect time for successful delivery.

You can schedule your fax offer to get broadcasted at you have to opportunity to connect with your potential customers from all over the world; it all depends on you and what market you are targeting.

fax ducuments

Faxpedia is a great way to connect with other businesses, send sensitive documents, reach out with coupons and special promotions as well as communicate when you don’t have an internet connection.  Send and analyse your fax campaigns entirely from your computer without ever touching a fax machine!