Don’t Forget that Faxes Need a Design Too!

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Fax template design mustn’t be ignored; some say it’s just a black and white A4 page and its design is not important. Wrong! In marketing every detail is important; even the design of your fax campaign and the structure of your offer.

Key concerns

·         The way your offer is constructed and shaped in order to be sent through fax is very important because you want to prevent putting the receiver in a situation in which he doesn’t know who the fax is for and what to do with it.

·         If content is not properly created, there is a chance that the recipient would get an unreadable form.

·         Printing in only black and white is usually done with fax offers and special attention needs to be given to fax template design and the letter itself.

Fax Template Design Guidelines

1.       The fax is a communication medium that has the greatest results in situations when you want to clear-out your warehouse. For this reason the fax template must have a simple and clear design, with the price in focus, the product benefits being noticed second; the price is what will spark the prospect’s interest to read on.

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2.       Choose layout carefully to provide an easy read of information and highlighting the deal breakers. Black and white of course but with as little black as possible to avoid difficulty when it gets received; your potential clients will not be happy either that you are consuming all their toner to send them your offer.

3.       Always aim to create a balance between text information and graphic, images or logo’s so the page displays nicely and is easy to read. Even though some new fax machines come combined with a printer and can print your fax in colour, it is recommended that you avoid colourful pictures and backgrounds.

4.       Never forget to include contact information and a subject, so it is easier to get a quick idea on what your fax is about.

Remember! Simplistic black & white faxes are often the best way to convey your message!


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